me as a parent

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I’m sure this is how my girlfriend describes me to her co-workers and friends.

This is exactly how I describe you to my friends and coworkers!


This movie was gold.

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Rebecca Louise Law born 1980 in Cambridge,UK is an installation artist who works with natural materials. She trained in Fine Art at Newcastle University, England. Her work plays with the relationship between the human being and nature. She is best known for her interactive large-scale installations of hanging flowers within site-specific spaces. As well as exhibiting in Public Spaces, Galleries and Museums, Rebecca has made installations for fashion brands such as; Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci.

For the wider community Rebecca has also led Land Art Projects to encourage social change through engaging with nature hands on. She operates out of a studio on Columbia Road, East London.

Mind, body, soul. When three are in harmony, life is bliss. Life is about balance. Yin & yang. Balance is the ultimate truth. Love yourself.
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Spectral Photography

By Christopher Mckenney

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Everything changes. You can’t stop it. You can fight it or change with it. Fighting will hurt you, changing will grow you.
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